"American Spirit Day" at the Iowa State Historical Museum

September 11, 2002

Throughout the day on September 11, Beyond 9-11 had an art display in our own room on the 3rd Floor of the museum. The display included works of original visual art, text and audio readings of poems and essays, artist statements, reproductions of visual art, recordings of music and interview clips, video, and website demo. Over 400 school kids from around the state attended the events and activities at the museum.

Good numbers of students and the general public spent time in the Beyond 9-11 room throughout the morning and over lunch. The visual artists displaying their original pieces were: Faye Tambrino, Daniel Weiss, Wendy S. Rolfe, Janet Hart Heinicke, and Laurie Elizabeth Talbot Hall.

At 11:00, we gathered in the Iowa Public Theater (the auditorium) along with a large crowd, and writers Mary Swander, James Calvin Schaap, Marianne Taylor, Neil Nakadate, and multimedia artist/writer Julie Russell-Steuart read their selected works; composer Renae Angeroth played her song on the piano and sang with her daughter Elisabeth.

In the afternoon, the Beyond 9-11 artists shared conversation and dessert. It was good to be together that day.

Thank you to all of the artists who attended or sent their original work to be displayed. You helped make it a meaningful event for many visitors.